Designed to provide wider applications for smart thermal imagery.

UE S3030 provides high sensitivity and fast response and achieves this with a smaller size and lower cost.

The UE S3030 is based on  UelecMEMSTM Micro-bolometer technology. The key to UE S3030’s smaller size and lower cost is Uelectronics’ unique Wafer Level Vacuum Package(WLVP) technology. The result of this advanced production capability is IR sensor arrays with wider applications for smart thermal detection and iImagery.

Product features

- Technology : α-VWOX Micro-bolometer
- Active array size : 32x32
- Pixel size : 50㎛
- Spectral response : 8~14㎛
- Pixel operability : Over 99.5%
- Thermal time constant : <29msec
- NETD : 200mK(F/1, 27℃, 9Hz)
- Frame Rate : 9Hz
- Operating temperature : -20℃~60℃
- Package dimension : PLCC 10.16mm(W) x  10.16mm(H) x 1.63mm(T)
- Vacuum integrity : Over 9 years

Visual IR thermometer
Concerned area monitoring
Personal vision system
Smart building automation(IoT)
    - HVAC
    - Smart lightning management
    - People counting
Home appliances